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About the Team


Meet Bailey

Hey gorgeous! I'm Bailey. I’m the head babe in charge at Miss Tilney Tarot. I write and do the workshops and readings and delegate pretty much everything else. Once upon a time, I wasn't the boss babe I am today. I chose tarot, as so many of us do, at a pretty low point in my life. Six months after graduating college with a degree in English Lit, I realized that my dreams of Museum Education just weren't going to happen. After years of school, I was thrown into the real world with no real idea of who I was. I had spent my entire life up to this point trying to make everyone else happy. I had no idea what made ME happy. I was identity-less, powerless, and clueless as to how to fix it. Christmas shopping with my bff, I saw a tarot deck on clearance and picked it up. Suddenly, tarot became what I needed. I had always loved stories (hence the lit degree) and tarot was just another way to tell a story. This time though, the story was about me. Over time, tarot helped me, inspired me, and became a significant part of my daily life. Reading tarot has unlocked my intuition, gave me the strength to take back my power, and illuminated the path of living intentionally. I hope that tarot will be all that and more for you too!

I have about 20 decks. I absolutely love letting people look at them and touch them. I love the energy my cards pick up as they are introduced to new people and do more and more readings. I only have a few decks I use for specific things. I have a deck I use for clients. I have another deck I use for shadow work. That deck is the only one I own that I do not let anyone else touch, and it never reads for anyone else. Fun fact: My cat ate my first deck. It's ok, because I was starting to hate it and wanted a new one, but didn't feel like I could have two decks. Obviously, I'm over that.

I live in beautiful Spokane Washington. My favorite part about it is that there is a coffee shop on every corner. If I could live off chai tea lattes and croissants I would. I adore my little family! I live in a tiny house with my boyfriend, two sweet, naughty cats named Harvy and Revan, a fish named Pickle, and a hyper dog (who is probably part mermaid) with a bottomless appetite named Nami. I spend my days working with kiddos at the YMCA, or at a summer camp. I am currently in school to get my teachers certification. I live for summertime and reading out by the lake. I am working on writing a trashy vampire novel, and a tarot book. Besides tarot, I love journaling, drinking pina-coladas at the lake, reading trashy vampire novels, buying and then promptly killing succulents (no idea how I do that), and drawing. Usually though, you can find me staring out the window, sipping on a hot black tea or sparkling water, daydreaming about anything and everything. Maybe vampires. I'm not telling.


Hi there, my name is Sam and I am the new office manager for Miss Tilney Tarot! I have been using tarot cards for about a year now, but I am eager to learn more about it through this position. Currently, I am a junior at Gonzaga University, and am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy. I’m originally from California, but moved up to Spokane for college and have loved it ever since! Besides tarot, I like to spend my free time rock climbing, painting, and spending time with my new pet hamster. I am excited to get to know all of you and join you in this journey of self-love and self-care through the use of tarot!