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Dark Days Tarot and Lovely Omens Tarot

Dark Days Tarot and Lovely Omens Tarot


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Miss Tilney Tarot strives to create a community of empowered, intentional tarot babes in Spokane, WA. Our main goal is to help you become a confident, intuitive, empowered, intentional person and tarot reader. We offer a tarot course that focuses on using tarot skills and mindset shifts as a tool to help you live your best life. We also offer 1:1 coaching sessions and readings to help you set intentions and manifest your dreams. Our mission is to help you unlock your intuition, take back your power, and live intentionally.

unlock your intuition | take back your power | live intentionally

Your intuition is already inside you, like a muscle you may not use everyday, or even knew was there. Intuition is YOU. It’s your core. It’s the voice that always says what you need to hear. It’s your highest self, whispering to you that you are magical and that you know what you need to do to be the best version of yourself. It’s KNOWING deeply. It’s a calm, quiet voice that simply says “yes. this is right.” or “no. turn around.” It is gentle with you, but it’s voice is strength. Learning to trust your intuition is so important. Trusting yourself is what makes you powerful. It’s what leads you to your joy. Tarot can be a key to unlock and strengthen your intuition and your relationship with yourself.

Your power is something that society, expectations, the world tries to take away from the moment you exist. Your power is your right to take up space, your ability to choose, your inner strength, and your deep, loving relationship with yourself. Once you begin trusting yourself and your intuition, you connect back to your power. You can claim it, take it back, make it yours again. You do that by loving yourself, by acknowledging and honoring your space in this world, your existence, and by trusting your intuition every day.

Living intentionally is about choosing what you let into your life. Everything has an effect on you, and intentionally choosing what helps you grow and flourish makes a huge difference in how you feel!!! It is also about being aware of your effect on others and the world in general. I know I have so much room to grow in how I live intentionally, and I am excited to grow with you.

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Our Values



Miss Tilney Tarot is dedicated to creating a community of confident tarot readers through workshops and events. We also want to support Spokane as a community by supporting local business wherever we can. Currently, our workshops are hosted at an amazing locally owned coffee shop called the Chocolate Apothecary. Even if you can't make it to a workshop, you should grab a coffee there like RIGHT NOW.


By keeping prices low and posting free resources on our blog, as well as always providing opportunities for free readings, Miss Tilney Tarot strives to be accessible to anyone who would like to learn more about tarot.


We always want our tarot readings to empower you to live the life you want to live. We want to inspire intentional action towards your desired outcome. By teaching tarot, we want to empower you to read for yourself, and use tarot as the amazing tool it is to unlock your intuition, take back your power, and live intentionally.


Tarot helps me live a fulfilling life. I use tarot to deepen my connection with myself, the universe, and other beautiful souls. What could possibly be more magical than that? From rituals to goal planning, tarot can help you live your best life. Miss Tilney Tarot is a dream come true, and teaching workshops and doing readings for you is one of the most fulfilling things I could imagine!