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Intentional Living Book Club

Hello loves! I am so excited about the Intentional Living Book Club!!! I want to read books that inspire me to live my best life, and why not read along with me? The first book we are doing is Radical Self Love by Gala Darling. This book is so lovely so far, and I am so excited to read the whole thing!!

Some more details:

What: The Intentional Living Bookclub is a book club who want to ask questions about the way the world works, who feels like life could be so much more than a 9-5, eat, sleep, repeat. It's for those of us who are looking for inspiration and empowerment. We will read a new, inspiring book every month!

When: Posts will come out on Wednesdays for us to chat about the book! An in-person book club meeting will occur the last Sunday of the month.

Where: Instagram and blog posts will be going up every Wednesday! And the in person meetup will be at a coffee shop in Spokane, specific location to-be-determined!

How: You can participate by reading along at home, and commenting your thoughts on the instagram posts!!! You can also post your own photos with the hashtag #intentionallivingbookclub and tag Gala Darling and #radicalselflove and #radicalselflovebook too!!! I will be sharing any posts you tag me in in my stories on Wednesdays as well!!!

Why: The most important question. There are so many reasons why I care about this project, and the biggest one is community. Instagram gives me an audience, not a community. I want to learn right along with you, and this gives me that opportunity. I want to talk about our whole lives, not just our love of tarot. And I want YOU to feel supported and loved while you navigate living a more intentional life. By all your babes. I want to keep the mission of Miss Tilney Tarot accessible, and a free event every month where we hang out, have coffee, and chat about a badass book IS Miss Tilney Tarot's mission. I don't always feel like part of a community. I want to feel that with you.

I can't wait!!!

Stay Magical <3

Bailey Allen