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What is tarot?

Tarot is: A cartomancy system used to explore what the subconscious already knows. When you ask the right questions, tarot can help you take intuitive and inspired action towards your desired outcome. When integrated into your personal practice, tarot can be used as a tool for self-reflection and self-love.

Tarot is not: a system used to accurately predict the future. While I have personally used the tarot to attempt to predict celebrity baby announcements, the weather on special events, or where THE FUCK I could find my car keys, this is just for fun. It is not where tarot is the most powerful.

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How has tarot helped me?

When I was in high school, I was so disconnected from who I was. There were so many reasons I was beyond stressed out, and that stress manifested itself in very physical ways. I struggled with an eating disorder for years, and had night terrors and panic attacks daily. Even though I was miserable, passing out regularly from not eating and working out too much, and unable to express what was going on, I was so disconnected from myself that I didn't realize anything was wrong. It wasn't until college that I realized how little attention I paid to my own thoughts, how little importance I gave my own feelings, and how locked away my intuition was. And how it affected me. Guys, night terrors are scary. Knowing that every night I would wake up terrified thinking someone was standing over my bed, unable to move and too terrified to breathe loudly is awful. And that happened almost every night. Passing out almost daily in the shower from not eating was scary. All of this, the eating disorder, the panic attacks, the night terrors, were making it impossible to function. But I didn't have the tools to listen to myself, and I couldn't fix it. When I was in denial about it, I couldn't even talk to anyone about it. I could not do anything to help myself. I wasn't even able to reach out for help.

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When I found tarot, I started rebuilding that relationship with myself. Because I tend to overthink things and over research things, I dove into tarot hard. The habit of picking up a deck every day began to teach me how to quietly listen to myself. That connection to who I am is so beautiful and truly powerful. Today, I can take a deep breath, and just know that something is good for me or it isn't. I can listen to myself and know what I want. Tarot is a tool that allows me to examine my own feelings, unlock my intuition, and connect me (ever so slowly) back to my power. I know what I want!!! And when it changes, I still know! And I know it's ok to let go of what I used to want! When something isn't working for me, when something is outright hurting me, I can see that it isn't working. I can identify that there is a problem. And I know, with all my heart I know, that I can fix it or ask for help. Maybe not today, maybe not this second. But I can work on fixing it right now. I can take that baby step of looking for help. I can sit down with a tarot deck and look at what is going on and what steps to take to fix it. That is empowerment. It's knowing when something is helping you and doing more of it. It's know when something is hurting and knowing there is a solution. It is never feeling powerless again, because I am not. You, darling. You are not powerless. There is a solution, and even if you are asking for help, YOU have solved something for yourself.

This is what tarot gave me. I am seriously tearing up writing this. Thinking about how far I have come from that girl who made her best friend stay on the phone with her til she fell asleep because she had a panic attack that day and was afraid of her dreams, I just can't believe it. But I did that. I went from that girl to a full grown adult who knows that I like to listen to rain sounds to fall asleep, and I fall asleep every night surrounded by fur babies and the love of my life, knowing I am loved. I wake up every morning and count three things that I am looking forward to, and sometimes it's simply another day. I went from someone terrified of their own mind to someone grateful for their first breath of the day. I want to say I'm so lucky, but in reality, I built this from a torn up person. I taught myself how to listen. I worked hard til I could afford this house and my cats and my dog. I nurtured my relationship through the points where we thought we couldn't possibly make it. I decided to chase my dreams and start this business. I chose this, every step of the way. And shit babes, that feels good. The best part is that even though I feel so much more connected to myself than I ever have before, I know there is still so much to learn about myself and tarot. This is a lifelong journey and that is delightful. It makes me so excited for tomorrow!

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Now that you have heard my story, you know how powerful tarot has been for me. I know it can be just as powerful for you!!! And I want to get you there faster. I want to move through the bullshit and get you the results. I am so excited to work with you!!!

Whether you are interested in learning more about building your own tarot practice, or would like to work with a professional tarot reader to start living life as your higher self, Miss Tilney Tarot wants to help. We take six free consultations every week! Each consultation lasts about 20 minutes. During your consultation, I will answer your questions, give you my best tips, and direct you to helpful resources. If you are interested in purchasing a reading with me or furthering your tarot education, I will help you figure out which service is best for you! Fill out the form below to schedule your free consultation!

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  • Workshops to help you learn tarot with others at your level and meet other tarot babes like you! Prices start at $36/workshop.

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