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The Most Empowering Week Ahead Spread I Have Ever Tried


The Lovely Omens Tarot and the Dark Days Tarot

The Lovely Omens Tarot and the Dark Days Tarot

One of the only consistent pieces of my tarot practice is a weekly spread. I have been keeping up with that almost since I first picked up a deck. For most of that time, I haven’t used the same spread more than a few times, and not more than a few times in a row. However, this spread is here to stay. The title of this blog post feels pretty click-baity to me, but it’s true.

Like many of us, I used to wake up dreading Sunday’s because there was just SO MUCH I had to do in order to get ready for Monday. Check my planner, do laundry, get groceries, pack my purse, get all the chores done. It felt never-ending. Even though I had been doing weekly tarot spreads on Sundays for years, it didn’t change how much I hated Sunday.

Because of THIS spread, Sunday’s are my favorite day of the week.

For the past few weeks, my Sunday routine has become a ritual of abundance, clarity, and focus. I wake up at 6:30 (two hours before my alarm is supposed to go off) so excited to begin my ritual. I feed the kitties and the dog, make my tea, and meditate. I take a few minutes (to an hour…) to play with my dog outside, finish my tea, maybe do some yoga, and ease into my day. I try to avoid going on my phone, but I usually do anyways. Once I feel energized and ready, I dive in. I begin tarot readings with three minutes of meditation, usually with an amethyst. My current favorite amethyst piece is a small palm stone I bought at the local crystal shop, Wonders of the World. I complete this magical spread. Using it’s guidance, I set up my bullet journal and planner for the week, and continue about my day. Starting this weekend, I will be following this AMAZING planning energy with client readings! I am so excited to see how that turns ends up feeling for me, and my clients! My Sunday ritual ends after all the work for the day is wrapped up, and I get to spend the rest of the evening with my family.

Higher Self Spread.jpg

How can you get the most out of this spread?

I start by setting the mood. Usually, I have an amethyst with me to help me tap into my intuition. I might play a moody playlist, or listen to nature noises, or even do the reading outside. The most important piece of this step is meditating for three minutes. This allows me to clear my mind, and focus on the tarot.

Next, I visualize what my higher self looks like, acts like, and especially what she feels like. Who is she? How does she start her days? How does she end them? After weeks of visualizing her, I am starting to feel like I know her, and I feel so much closer to becoming her.

After the visualization, I begin the spread. As always, I take notes and reference a book during my personal readings. There is always room to learn more!

What makes this spread so amazing?

It reminds me that my higher self already exists, and is just waiting for me to break my bad habits, release my limiting beliefs, and embrace who I am meant to be, who I AM. Everything I have been learning lately from my business coach, the Intentional Living Book Club book, Radical Self Love by Gala Darling, and my countless self-help podcasts is that embodying my higher self NOW frees me to act as if I already am her. And acting as if I am my higher self brings in the clients, the love, the positive energy, the abundance, the everything that my higher self already has.

I hope you use this spread! If you do, share with me!!! I can’t wait!

Stay magical, tarot babes!

Bailey Allen