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September Plan with Me


Hello loves!!! Happy September and back-to-school season! Because of the recent New Moon in Virgo, I feel so inspired to use my planners and journals to get my life together this month. I have a pretty complicated journal and planner system, consisting of two planners, a journal, and an app. I have a planner for my business, and a second planner for everything else. My journal has a more detailed breakdown of my day, as well as daily diary and gratitude entries. In the app, I put my habit tracker and anything with a specific time attached so that I can set an alarm. Let’s get into how I use my system for monthly, weekly, and daily planning!


  • two planners, one for Miss Tilney Tarot, and one for personal/work/chores/etc.

  • a journal

  • a to-do app (I use an app called Bright To-Do)

  • pens

  • decorations like sticky notes, stickers, scrapbooking paper, washi tape


Every month I start by going over what has been working for me and not working for me. This past month, it has been so working for me to meditate every day and get enough sleep. My messy bedroom and not walking the dog as often are NOT working for me. This exercise is something I learned from my biz coach Kate, and it helps me figure out what to prioritize for the month ahead.

This is when I get out my planners! I start by putting things like bill due dates, homework due dates, and anything that I already know about in my personal planner.

Next, I look over my business stuff and note any big events and due dates in my business planner. This month we are doing a book club meeting, and I am recommitting to writing a blog post every week and writing two monthly newsletters!

Finally, based on my to-do’s and my what’s working/what’s not working, I set goals.

September Goals:

  • work out at the gym for 30 minutes 3 times a week

  • walk the dog every day

  • do 30 minutes of yoga 4 times a week (on days I don’t go to the gym)

  • stick to a chore schedule (M-kitchen T-bedroom W-bathroom R-living room)

  • do 30 readings this month!!!

  • do something kind for my boyfriend every day

  • stick to a morning and evening routine that sets me up for a good day (going to bed at 8, waking up at 5 to meditate)


Throughout the week, I note anything coming up in my planner. It goes everywhere with me, and sits next to me as I work. This way, if anything comes up, I can write it down right away.

Every week on Sunday night, I begin a planning session with a tarot reading. The spread I have been doing the past few weeks is a three card spread that I wrote for living my highest vibe life! After my tarot reading, I create cute pages in my journal for the week. Each day takes up half a page. On each day, I write out the hrs down the page so that I can easily fill in a schedule. This gives me the ability to look at my day in detail. It will include my morning routine, chores, homework, everything. And what time I do those things at. Writing down my schedule instead of a to-do list gives me a more realistic idea of what I can do. Instead of writing down a long to-do list that I couldn’t possibly do in one day, I can see what I have time to do that day and prioritize.


Every night, around 8PM, I get out my journal and fill out my schedule completely for the next day. If there are any appointments or anything at a specific time, I make sure it is in my app. If there are any gaps in the day, I fill it up with an errand or a tv episode!

This is my planning system! I hope it was helpful for you! I love journaling and have been experimenting with different methods of journaling and planning for years, and this system is the most successful for me!

Bailey Allen